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Ty's Tip Number 3

Tip #3 - Create a worry box.
Nothing is more aggravating than trying to work productively and being nagged to death by worries! Instead of letting your worries take over your mind, create a worry box to keep them in. You can use any kind of box, from an empty shoe box to a decorative wooden or glass box. Write all of your current worries on a sheet of paper (or you can use a fresh sheet for each worry). When you can’t think of any other worries, put the sheet(s) of paper into the box, close it and store it away on a high shelf nearby. If worries begin to nag at you again while you’re trying to stay focused, glance at your worry box and remind yourself that you don’t have to worry about anything right now because you’ve placed your
worries in that box. Affirm that you can pick up your worries again later if you really want to.